Friday, September 11, 2009

Wow its been a while!

I am going to try and update this thing more often. That is my new goal. Not saying I am going to do it daily but... Here is a post i wrote yesterday i will just copy it here.

Ahh what a day! Started at 6 am. Screaming baby. Not mine. Ahh the joys of babysitting. LOL Day progressed into a pretty good day though. All the kids napped. And I even got a nap today (30 min but whatever) too!

Didn't seem to be a very productive day. But yesterday I cleaned my bedroom and the kitchen, AND the living room! That NEVER happens in the same day. Of coarse today all but my bedroom is dirty again, but what are ya gonna do?

Brianna keeps biting aaden. Its been a problem for a while now. I guess today he finally had enough. After she bit him he charged her with an AHHHHHH! and pushed her to the ground. Ack I dont know what I am gonna do with these two. I seriously know what it is like to be the mother to twins. Luckily for me though at the end of the day, I get to send one home! They love each other, MUST be next to each other ALL.THE.TIME. yet all they do is fight. *sigh*

Such a rewarding job I have. When a toddler looks at you and understands what you are saying for the first time. Or responds to a command you thought you were just saying for the heck of it. What a great feeling!

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