Friday, September 11, 2009

My little fishies!

This summer has been full of changes. At the beginning of the summer meah would barely get her face wet in the pool. She would not jump in or anything. Aaden would, he is all boy and not afraid of ANYTHING. Now they both LOVE the water so so much. My MIL/SIL just got a house with a pool and meah is all over it! She jumps off the side and swims all over the place with her special bathing suit(it has removable floats in it).

Aaden, I think, really helped meah see that the water wasn't something to be afraid of. He just walks right off the side, in his life jacket. Next thing you know meah is jumping in. She said, "see, i can jump like aaden" as if to say "no way is aaden gonna do it and not me." lol

I have two video's to share. One is meah swimming in her special bathing suit, the other is aaden "swimming" in his life jacket.

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