Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or treat, smell my feet...

So i got meah all ready to go trick or treating
and she says "bye bye mama, i am gonna get candy in my car!" lol i love this kid

we took the kids trick or treating tonight at the mall. Meah was so freaking cute. she kept saying "And im gonna get MORE candy?" lol Aaden was so chill the whole time and just watched everyone else he didnt even fuss or cry and we were there for about an hour and a half. I am very proud of both my kidos the did awesome. I do think that next year we will move on from the mall and into a neighborhood. I just wanted meah to do the mall one last time. Here are some pictures from our night. Enjoy!

aaden and his girl friend lol
and meah and her boyfriend :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aadens therapy update

He is doing so so much better. We have almost full motion in his neck now, although he still prefers to look to the right most of the time. The therapist say much improvement in just a weeks time. It made me feel so good that she said that. As if all this hard work i am doing working with him so much is really helping. She gave me a copy of his initial evaluation and it was not good. His average score was that of a 2 month old. She did say that the reason he was scored so low was because he was not symetrical. so it isnt like he cant do the stuff its just that he only does it one way. examples: he can roll but only to one side, he plays with his feet but only his right foot, he reaches for toys but only with his right hand, he holds himself up when on his belly but puts all his weight on his right arm and leg. He is doing so so much better now with all of these things.

We are actually going to cheat on this physical therapist (pt) i have an appointment for him to see a chiropractor. Suposidly this guy and help with his reflux and his neck issues so lets all cross our fingers that it really works. I will admit i am a bit skeptical on the whole thing. but aaron and his family swear by it so i am willing to give anything a shot to help out my little man and all the pain that reflux is causing him. I guess this dr doesnt work so much with manipulation as he does pressure points so that makes me feel a little better as far as some guy cracking my babies neck. We go the week after next so keep us in your thoughts.


This kid is such a riot. If you ask her if she wants to do something its "um yeah sure," with her little new yorker accent. If you tell her something she repeats what you say and says "right" at the end of it. um thanks for agreeing with me. Then there is the all time favorite of "I wanna hold you" when she wants you to pick her up. Her newest thing to get you to hold her is "i'm cold" she says it at least 10 times a day, just to get extra hugs and cuddles. This usually happens when i am trying to do aadens neck excersises or feed him. poor little jealous bug.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Meah and the pumpkin

Melissa and I took the big kids to Michaels this past weekend for pumpkin decorating. They had so much fun. Meah was so cute. "mommy i want eyes, and mouth, and where's his nose?" lol on and the "balls" as she called them were her favorite part. Everytime she put one on she would clap her hands and yell "YAY!" in her not so inside voice. too cute.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My newest creation

Meah's halloween costume:

she is going to be abby ca dabby from sesame street. If you havent watched sesame street in a few years she is semi-new she is elmos fairy friend. Meah is obsessed. I made the tutu and my friend just so happend to have the shirt. The wings are from last year. grand total to make her costume $5.45. not too shabby if i do say so myself. lol

Aaden will be elmo, pics to come if i ever get an hour to myeslef to make the freaking thing.

4 months old Aaden update

My baby is growing so fast befor my eyes. sniff sniff. Seems like just yesterday i was complaining that i didnt want to be pregnant any more and "I wanted this kid out" lol They say your mind forgets the pain of child birth and i guess to some degree that is the case. but i can still remember. and strangly enough even through all the pain it is a good memory. Both my kids decieded they wanted to come out in record time so i was unable to get anything to help with the pain but i am glad, in a looking back kind of way, that they did. Anyways enough about that back to aaden.

He is 4 months old now. and a rolling fool. We recently had to start taking him to physical therapy for his neck since he still can't turn it both ways. thats fun! (hint of sarcasm) But he is doing pretty well with it. he is so stubborn, not sure where he gets that,lol, he will look at you from the corner of his eye instead of turning his head all the way to look. crazy kid. or he will act like he cant hear you even though i know he can. crazy kid.

I fear our days of breast feeding are coming slowly to an end. It is starting to not be enough for him, ever since i got sick and decieded it would be a good idea to take sudafed i have had to give him a daily formula bottle. i guess it is ok just kinda bums me out since i got to 6 months with meah and i was hoping to do the same with aaden. Actually i was hoping to make it to 12 months since then i wouldnt have to buy any formula but that was a long shot to begin with. i know i may be selfish but really i kinda want my boobs back.

Hmmm I think that is all i have to say about that. lol More to come on a later date and time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

To paraphrase Dora, "He did it, He did it" lol you know you are a mom when everything that pops into your head comes from a kids tv show. lol.

Anywho... Aaden ROLLED!!! Yesterday i put him on the carpet to have some chill out time and he rolled over. I knew he was going to do it anyday and i am so glad he decieded to do it while i could be there to see. Seems like everything meah did for the first time just so happened to be the one moment i got away from her. I tried so very very hard to get it on video but my memory stick just so happend to run out at the same time he decieded he would actually make it all the way. This is the best video i got. oh and please excuse my high pitched voice.

Aww isnt he so cute. He fell asleep right after he did it. Must have worn him out because he is very much a fall asleep in his swing or bed kinda kid.

In Honor Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here is the finished product!