Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Look what i made!!

I am so proud of myself. I have made a lot of stuff in my life but most of it is just stuff. i have never really ventured out into the land of clothing because i seemed as if it had to be so exact. lol Someone gave me instructions on how to make this skirt from scrap material and i LOVE it.

Meah thinks its cool too. She wanted to wear it as soon as she saw it, but she didnt want to take off her dolphins jersey so there you have it. she is my prissy little tom boy. I swear some day she will be playing baseball in her pretty little dress. lol Anyways i was hoping this would be easy because i am looking for something to make the little girls in my life for christmas as money is super tight right now. I know they will love them as much as meah does.

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 months old

I can not believe my baby is already 3 months old. Well actually he is almost 4 months old but i havent gotten to write about this so here it goes. lol! It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for him to arrive wondering what he would look like. What his personality would be like. Now 3 short months later he has quite the personality. he is a smilely cuddly little guy. I love his baby cuddles. I love that he likes me to sing to him and rock him to sleep. I seriously cherish every moment of his babyhood. Now dont get me wrong the kid can still scream like someone is pinching him for what seems like days, but when he isnt doing that he is just so darn cuddly.

meah is so good with him now too. At first she was kinda unsure of him i think. she loves babies but she hadn't really taken to aaden yet. Now she loves him so much. If she hears him wake up before i do she will run up to me "my brother is awake!" "come see" Just the other day he was laying on the floor and meah goes up to him and starts talking to him saying "Hello, My prince" "I love you my prince" i say this to aaden all the time and so now meah does too. meah is seriously like a little mini me. I love it. and then sometimes i dont, lol.

He babbles all the time now. just a cooing away, or if he wants to get your attention he will let out just one screech to see if you will pay attention to him. he is also very facinated with his hands he will seriously stare at his hands for like 30 min just moving them around and watching what they do. it is so fun to just watch him. I wonder what goes on in that little head of his.

I think any day now he will roll. he gets so close to rolling and then just gives up and cries till you pick him up. he also kind scoots forward a little bit. I know it isnt really on purpose and he is scrapping his poor little forehead on the floor/blanket as he goes but man is he strong.

um i think that is all that is new in the wonderful world of aaden. thanks for reading. stay tuned for more updates. lol

Friday, September 5, 2008

There's always room for cake.

So i decieded that i would try out a reciepe for cake batter. I am such a box person so this was huge for me. I let meah help but mostly she just played in the flour. lol. This child is obsessed, and i mean obsessed with eggs. She wanted to crack the egg, she wanted to touch the egg, anything you can imagine she wanted to do with the egg. I, however, feel she is way to young to crack the egg so instead she whined the whole way through the rest of the cake making because she wanted to do the eggs. crazy kid. Then came time to lick the spoon, man did that change her tune. She licked that spoon until there wasnt one drop left on it.

So i made the cupcakes and put them in the oven to store them since i didnt have anywhere else to store them. The next day i gave one to meah and the other two kids that were at my house that day. meah gobbled hers right up, the other two kids took one bite and wanted to get down from the table. hmmm guess i wont be making that reciepe again only one kid would eat it. Later on that night i decieded i would try one one bite and i about puked. the cupcakes had taken on the taste of the oven. ga ross i was spitting out pieces of cupcake into the sink for like 10 minutes. well at least i know it wasnt the reciepe. I mean i had tried them the night befoe and i didnt think they were that bad. lol