Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying to start a new chapter

In my life that is. Or am i opening up an old chapter? hmm either way, i am going back to school. I am so excited. And a little nervous too. I always see people who are going back to school as parents and they are always "doing it for their children" possibly i am just the most selfish person ever but i am not going back for my children. I am going back for myself. I am going back because I need to. Not so my children will see that you should go to school, or finish what you start or any other lesson my children may learn from my going back to school. Not to take away from those lessons at all. I think they are very important. Just not the reason i am doing it.

So yesterday i went up to Edison to see if i would need any tests or anything. I do not. (can we all see me doing my happy dance? picture it, its super goofy and oh so fun!) So now all i have to do is get my butt in gear and finish my FAFSA. Hopefully I will get some help in the money department. My going back is VERY contingent on that exact thing. Everyone I know says i will so we shall see.

My next step through the school is to meet with the adviser. EEK!!! I can do this, i will do this. I WILL FINISH SCHOOL!!!

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