Monday, September 14, 2009

I think I am getting old

What is the first sign you are getting old?
The people of MTV scare you. Is it just me or is lady gaga scary? Her music is good, always has a good beat i can jam to but her performances seriously scare me. This is how I know i am getting old. I wonder if people felt this way about Madonna when she first came out. she is kinda Madonna esk. Except way way creepier!

Its ok i guess that i am getting old. I mean my kids are getting older. I have Grey hair. I usually am in bed before 10pm. All of this i can handle. but for some reason the fact that i just dont get lady gaga really makes me feel sad. Like i am not up to date on what the "kids" are doing. LMAO

If for some reason, possibly because you are old too, you dont know who or what i am talking about check this out. But be fore warned its a little creepy. LOL

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