Sunday, September 20, 2009

First choice Hair cutters, Get a a haircut!

LOL I and a commercial jingle junkie.

Meah and I got hair cuts yesterday. I love mine, and I LOVE Meah's even more. She look so cute.

We had a wonderful day. Got up, doddled around for a bit, drank some coffee and let the morning pass us by. Then we got dressed and headed out to meet the world. Took a trip to the library where i was pleasantly surprised that i did not have a late fee. SCORE!! We got meah some new books then headed off to meet grandma for lunch at ruby tuesdays. mmmm salad bars, meahs fav meal. Thats right i said it. Meah wont touch mac and cheese, she only sometimes will eat pizza, but give the girl a salad or even just the makings of a salad and she is in heaven. she had at least 2 plate fulls of salad fixings.

After that is was off to first choice to "get a haircut". We walk in and meah decides she no longer wants to get her hair cut. They call her name and she is dead set against it. she wants me to go first. but they want us to go at the same time. nope, not having it one bit. so i go ahead and get mine cut. The people in there were so great with her. they all tried to get her to warm up to them enough cut her hair. as awesome as they were she wasn't budging. the lady finished up my hair i asked her like 6 more times if she wanted hers cut and she insisted that she did not. i go ahead and pay and we leave. Half way to the van i ask her one more time if she is sure that she doesnt want her's cut. she of coarse changes her mind and says that in fact she does want it cut. So back into the salon we go. she jumps right up in the chair and lets the lady cut her hair.
here are some pics of our new hair do's

After that we went to target to get a few new syling products for my hair and then off to grandma's for a quick swim to round out her day. After swimming we went back home for some dinner and Our friend tim took meah home to have a sleepover with his son austin. Such a great day in the world of a 3 year old.

A great day for mommy too. While meah was at her sleep over and aaden was at home sleeping for daddy, i was out with the girls for drinks, girl talk, yummy snacks and even a late night swim. Such a great with my kids and my friends too!

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