Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Holiday's Are Coming, The Holidays Are Coming!

I am so excited this year. Before having kids holidays were kinda crappy for a good 8 years or so. Now all the joy is back. Seeing the holidays play out through my children's eyes is magical.

Meah is so cute trying to pick out her costume for Halloween. Its like she finally gets it that she can be whatever her little heart desires. she keeps going back and forth between "Spideygirl" (seriously i dont even think she knows who this is she just thinks the costume is cool lol), then the next minute she wants to be a turtle, and then she will go back to her original costume of a cat. personally i would rather her be something other than an animal, but that is just my personal opinion and i am trying to give her full authority on her costume. I keep telling her she needs to decide soon so i can start either pricing them out or making them. Plus i am probably going to make aaden's go with whatever meah's is. Because well i think that is cute number 1 and number 2 this is probably the last chance i have to pick aaden's costume so i am going to take full advantage of that. lol


She is also to the age where she understands about santa and presents and such at christmas time. Now when she see's a commercial on tv she says "oh, i think i should ask santa for that". Her newest obsession is "pop n style" cabbage patch doll. she asks for it daily and reminds me that she is too shy to tell santa so i better not forget to tell him about it. This is really working out to my advantage too. Now instead of her begging for everything and anything in the store, i just tell her that she needs to remember whatever random thing she is looking at so she can tell santa. Thing is if she really does want it she will ask for it again later and remind me to tell him. If it was just some random, meah whining that she wants something, thing then she forgets. ahhh the power of Santa!


I am really really looking forward to thanksgiving this year too. meah loves to help me bake and cook. I cant wait to continue and start traditions with her. And soon with aaden too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First choice Hair cutters, Get a a haircut!

LOL I and a commercial jingle junkie.

Meah and I got hair cuts yesterday. I love mine, and I LOVE Meah's even more. She look so cute.

We had a wonderful day. Got up, doddled around for a bit, drank some coffee and let the morning pass us by. Then we got dressed and headed out to meet the world. Took a trip to the library where i was pleasantly surprised that i did not have a late fee. SCORE!! We got meah some new books then headed off to meet grandma for lunch at ruby tuesdays. mmmm salad bars, meahs fav meal. Thats right i said it. Meah wont touch mac and cheese, she only sometimes will eat pizza, but give the girl a salad or even just the makings of a salad and she is in heaven. she had at least 2 plate fulls of salad fixings.

After that is was off to first choice to "get a haircut". We walk in and meah decides she no longer wants to get her hair cut. They call her name and she is dead set against it. she wants me to go first. but they want us to go at the same time. nope, not having it one bit. so i go ahead and get mine cut. The people in there were so great with her. they all tried to get her to warm up to them enough cut her hair. as awesome as they were she wasn't budging. the lady finished up my hair i asked her like 6 more times if she wanted hers cut and she insisted that she did not. i go ahead and pay and we leave. Half way to the van i ask her one more time if she is sure that she doesnt want her's cut. she of coarse changes her mind and says that in fact she does want it cut. So back into the salon we go. she jumps right up in the chair and lets the lady cut her hair.
here are some pics of our new hair do's

After that we went to target to get a few new syling products for my hair and then off to grandma's for a quick swim to round out her day. After swimming we went back home for some dinner and Our friend tim took meah home to have a sleepover with his son austin. Such a great day in the world of a 3 year old.

A great day for mommy too. While meah was at her sleep over and aaden was at home sleeping for daddy, i was out with the girls for drinks, girl talk, yummy snacks and even a late night swim. Such a great with my kids and my friends too!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying to start a new chapter

In my life that is. Or am i opening up an old chapter? hmm either way, i am going back to school. I am so excited. And a little nervous too. I always see people who are going back to school as parents and they are always "doing it for their children" possibly i am just the most selfish person ever but i am not going back for my children. I am going back for myself. I am going back because I need to. Not so my children will see that you should go to school, or finish what you start or any other lesson my children may learn from my going back to school. Not to take away from those lessons at all. I think they are very important. Just not the reason i am doing it.

So yesterday i went up to Edison to see if i would need any tests or anything. I do not. (can we all see me doing my happy dance? picture it, its super goofy and oh so fun!) So now all i have to do is get my butt in gear and finish my FAFSA. Hopefully I will get some help in the money department. My going back is VERY contingent on that exact thing. Everyone I know says i will so we shall see.

My next step through the school is to meet with the adviser. EEK!!! I can do this, i will do this. I WILL FINISH SCHOOL!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I think I am getting old

What is the first sign you are getting old?
The people of MTV scare you. Is it just me or is lady gaga scary? Her music is good, always has a good beat i can jam to but her performances seriously scare me. This is how I know i am getting old. I wonder if people felt this way about Madonna when she first came out. she is kinda Madonna esk. Except way way creepier!

Its ok i guess that i am getting old. I mean my kids are getting older. I have Grey hair. I usually am in bed before 10pm. All of this i can handle. but for some reason the fact that i just dont get lady gaga really makes me feel sad. Like i am not up to date on what the "kids" are doing. LMAO

If for some reason, possibly because you are old too, you dont know who or what i am talking about check this out. But be fore warned its a little creepy. LOL

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Football time is here again. I am not a huge football fan, but i do like football sundays. I do think it is a little obnoxious that football is on monday's and now thursdays as well but hey what are you gonna do? Football sundays usually mean a bbq, hanging with family and friends. The fun stuff that keeps us all bonded. I actually joined a fantasy league this year. Just a bunch of females playing for imaginary loot, super fun. Although i dont know much about football its a good thing to do things sometimes that will help you bond with your husband. I swear ever since i said i was going to join this fantasy league its like he wont shut up about it. He thinks i am super cool now and interested in football, which i really am still not but...

Of coarse i cant make a post without a super cute pic of my kido's in it. So without further adieu here they are. Some oldies but goodies for your viewing pleasure!

hmm well i cant seem to find any football pics of meah. Strange because I know that i have them... Oh well hope yo enjoyed what you got!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"The Best Day In The Whole World"

Meah's exact words today at Disney on ice. She LOVED it. And of coarse grandma and mommy loved it too. ;) Grandma loaded her up with all kind of fun things. She got a swirly light up princess wand, and a fairy hat with cotton candy in it, and a coloring book and a straw/spoon. The child was seriously in heaven. What a great experience we got to have with her. Watching her face light up. and hearing the things going on in that little head of hers. She was very confused as to why the grass, from the lion king, was on the ice. And also why the fish, from the little mermaid, had feet. LOL I love her so much. I am so glad she thought it was "a wonderful surprise!"

Here are some pics of our little princess at the show

and just a few of the show

Taking my LIttle princess to Disney on Ice!!!

Yay cathy for getting meah Disney on Ice tickets!

We are going today to see "the little mermaid, Cars, Tinkerbell, and The Lion King" I am so so so excited. I just know meah is gonna love it. Not to mention I have never been to Disney on Ice either, and have always wanted to!

Tomorrow I should have so really cute pics for ya so check back. but here is a little dose of meah's princess/disney Love!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My little fishies!

This summer has been full of changes. At the beginning of the summer meah would barely get her face wet in the pool. She would not jump in or anything. Aaden would, he is all boy and not afraid of ANYTHING. Now they both LOVE the water so so much. My MIL/SIL just got a house with a pool and meah is all over it! She jumps off the side and swims all over the place with her special bathing suit(it has removable floats in it).

Aaden, I think, really helped meah see that the water wasn't something to be afraid of. He just walks right off the side, in his life jacket. Next thing you know meah is jumping in. She said, "see, i can jump like aaden" as if to say "no way is aaden gonna do it and not me." lol

I have two video's to share. One is meah swimming in her special bathing suit, the other is aaden "swimming" in his life jacket.

Wow its been a while!

I am going to try and update this thing more often. That is my new goal. Not saying I am going to do it daily but... Here is a post i wrote yesterday i will just copy it here.

Ahh what a day! Started at 6 am. Screaming baby. Not mine. Ahh the joys of babysitting. LOL Day progressed into a pretty good day though. All the kids napped. And I even got a nap today (30 min but whatever) too!

Didn't seem to be a very productive day. But yesterday I cleaned my bedroom and the kitchen, AND the living room! That NEVER happens in the same day. Of coarse today all but my bedroom is dirty again, but what are ya gonna do?

Brianna keeps biting aaden. Its been a problem for a while now. I guess today he finally had enough. After she bit him he charged her with an AHHHHHH! and pushed her to the ground. Ack I dont know what I am gonna do with these two. I seriously know what it is like to be the mother to twins. Luckily for me though at the end of the day, I get to send one home! They love each other, MUST be next to each other ALL.THE.TIME. yet all they do is fight. *sigh*

Such a rewarding job I have. When a toddler looks at you and understands what you are saying for the first time. Or responds to a command you thought you were just saying for the heck of it. What a great feeling!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the happenings in our house

Well once again i suck. lol I havent updated since november and it is now almost the end of january.

My kids are doing wonderful. Meah is getting over a little sickness but other than that she is great. Aaden is getting so big it is ridiculous. I love them so much. Aaden is still going to therapy for his neck every other week but is doing really great with the whole thing. He is scooting all over the place and getting into everything so that is fun. He has decided that he no longer likes to take naps and keeps himself up any way he can until i put him in the faithful jumparoo and he bounces his sleepy self to night night land.


Today Aaden is 8 months old. Holy crap how did he get to be EIGHT months old. sniff sniff.

Meah is doing great too. She is talking so freaking much it is insane. On monday i took her to the dr and she was telling him all about target and that she didnt want to be at the dr anymore she wanted to be at target. lol Then she was scribbling on a piece of paper and said it was M-E-A-H. such a smart little stinker. The dr asked how old she was as he was looking at her chart and then was like "wow she isnt even three yet?" i said "no" he said "well she is a little ahead of the game isnt she!" Such a great thing for me to hear. I was so proud of her. Of coarse she acted like she was the healthiest kid ever at the dr running and jumping and talking his ear off then as soon as we get back in the car she throws up again and then sleeps the whole rest of the day. But oh well i would rather take her in and there be nothing wrong with her then sit at home and there be something really wrong ya know.

Oh big news to report we got a MINIVAN!!! WOOT WOOT! I am so very excited. Aaron did not want a minivan AT ALL he was like "I AM NOT DRIVING A MINIVAN!" And wouldnt you know he has been driving it everyday since we got it. He loves loves loves it. It is a 2000 Chrysler town and country. Fully loaded! We have been down to only one vehicle for a while now and it was the truck so we could never go anywhere as a family unless one of our wonderful friends or family members drove us around, a huge PITA i tell you. Now we have enough room for our family plus a couple of tag alongs if need be. Meah loves it she wants me to move her car seat just about every time we get in the thing because she just cant decide if she likes sitting in the captians chairs in the middle or the way back.

Here is a picture of meah with her new guitar she got for christmas and another of the kids on christmas morning this is how meah woke aaden up. Every day since then she says "mommy i need to go get aaden up and tell him merry Christmas!"