Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Holiday's Are Coming, The Holidays Are Coming!

I am so excited this year. Before having kids holidays were kinda crappy for a good 8 years or so. Now all the joy is back. Seeing the holidays play out through my children's eyes is magical.

Meah is so cute trying to pick out her costume for Halloween. Its like she finally gets it that she can be whatever her little heart desires. she keeps going back and forth between "Spideygirl" (seriously i dont even think she knows who this is she just thinks the costume is cool lol), then the next minute she wants to be a turtle, and then she will go back to her original costume of a cat. personally i would rather her be something other than an animal, but that is just my personal opinion and i am trying to give her full authority on her costume. I keep telling her she needs to decide soon so i can start either pricing them out or making them. Plus i am probably going to make aaden's go with whatever meah's is. Because well i think that is cute number 1 and number 2 this is probably the last chance i have to pick aaden's costume so i am going to take full advantage of that. lol


She is also to the age where she understands about santa and presents and such at christmas time. Now when she see's a commercial on tv she says "oh, i think i should ask santa for that". Her newest obsession is "pop n style" cabbage patch doll. she asks for it daily and reminds me that she is too shy to tell santa so i better not forget to tell him about it. This is really working out to my advantage too. Now instead of her begging for everything and anything in the store, i just tell her that she needs to remember whatever random thing she is looking at so she can tell santa. Thing is if she really does want it she will ask for it again later and remind me to tell him. If it was just some random, meah whining that she wants something, thing then she forgets. ahhh the power of Santa!


I am really really looking forward to thanksgiving this year too. meah loves to help me bake and cook. I cant wait to continue and start traditions with her. And soon with aaden too.

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