Friday, September 5, 2008

There's always room for cake.

So i decieded that i would try out a reciepe for cake batter. I am such a box person so this was huge for me. I let meah help but mostly she just played in the flour. lol. This child is obsessed, and i mean obsessed with eggs. She wanted to crack the egg, she wanted to touch the egg, anything you can imagine she wanted to do with the egg. I, however, feel she is way to young to crack the egg so instead she whined the whole way through the rest of the cake making because she wanted to do the eggs. crazy kid. Then came time to lick the spoon, man did that change her tune. She licked that spoon until there wasnt one drop left on it.

So i made the cupcakes and put them in the oven to store them since i didnt have anywhere else to store them. The next day i gave one to meah and the other two kids that were at my house that day. meah gobbled hers right up, the other two kids took one bite and wanted to get down from the table. hmmm guess i wont be making that reciepe again only one kid would eat it. Later on that night i decieded i would try one one bite and i about puked. the cupcakes had taken on the taste of the oven. ga ross i was spitting out pieces of cupcake into the sink for like 10 minutes. well at least i know it wasnt the reciepe. I mean i had tried them the night befoe and i didnt think they were that bad. lol


Melissa said...

She is such a doll! Love to see pictures of her!!

Erin Tales said...

LOL. Too funny! Meah liked them, at least.