Saturday, August 23, 2008

Out of the mouths of babe's.

2 year olds are great! the things this kid comes up with really blow my mind. She is so into what things look like these days. Example: she will bite her sandwich and say "look mommy, its a house, or a horse, or dog, or whatever she thinks it looks like. Today we went to lunch with aaron's mom and she was drawing on a piece of paper and says "look mommy a "w"" I look down and sure enough she had drawn a "W" on the paper. Seriously blows my mind.

O and I have to share this story, even though i have told it a million times, it still is a great story. The other day meah is "taking a nap" ha ha jokes on mommy. so anyways she comes out and says "mommy there is a dinosaur in my window" I said "really meah a dinosaur?" "yep, come see" so i go in there and inbetween the storm shutter and her window are 2 lizards. She crouches down and says "see mommy A DINOSAUR" i was laughing so hard i was crying. Then i told her that in fact these were lizards and not dinosaurs.

Then today with go over her aunt leah's house and Leah asks her about the dinosaur in her window. Meah looks and her, shakes her head and says "no leah, not dinosaur, a lizard" and rolls her eyes as if leah was just so dumb to think it was a dinosaur. LOL this kid seriously melts my heart.

Before i had kids i always knew i wanted them, but i could never have imagined how much i would love them. From the day the dr, or was it the nurse, put her in my arms i was in love. Then when i was prenant again i wondered how i could love another the same way. its like each child you have your heart just grows a little bit more to let some more love in, and out.

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Hi Meghan,
Love your blog. I will check it out sometimes. I have one too.
Go to and then click on view our blog. Love you!! Those kids are so precious. Mary