Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aadens therapy update

He is doing so so much better. We have almost full motion in his neck now, although he still prefers to look to the right most of the time. The therapist say much improvement in just a weeks time. It made me feel so good that she said that. As if all this hard work i am doing working with him so much is really helping. She gave me a copy of his initial evaluation and it was not good. His average score was that of a 2 month old. She did say that the reason he was scored so low was because he was not symetrical. so it isnt like he cant do the stuff its just that he only does it one way. examples: he can roll but only to one side, he plays with his feet but only his right foot, he reaches for toys but only with his right hand, he holds himself up when on his belly but puts all his weight on his right arm and leg. He is doing so so much better now with all of these things.

We are actually going to cheat on this physical therapist (pt) i have an appointment for him to see a chiropractor. Suposidly this guy and help with his reflux and his neck issues so lets all cross our fingers that it really works. I will admit i am a bit skeptical on the whole thing. but aaron and his family swear by it so i am willing to give anything a shot to help out my little man and all the pain that reflux is causing him. I guess this dr doesnt work so much with manipulation as he does pressure points so that makes me feel a little better as far as some guy cracking my babies neck. We go the week after next so keep us in your thoughts.

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